The plastic recycling core part: about Yurefon plastic crusher machine

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About Yurefon plastic crusher


Plastic crusher, also named as plastic grinder/plastic granulator.

It mainly used to crushing different kinds of plastic and rubber, such as Plastic special-shaped profile, plastic pipe, plastic rod, plastic wire, plastic film, waste rubber etc. After crushing, the plastic size will become small, that canbe used to extruder or injection machine directly. Also the crushed plastic can be used into pelletizing machine, that can make the plastic have different property.


The principle of the Yurefon plastic crusher as fellow:

The motor drive the blade shaft high-speed rotating, the rotate blades are on the shaft, whole the high speed rotating, the rotate blade and the fixed blade will have relative motion trend. The gap between rotate blade and fixed blade will cut the material, then the screen mesh will control the size of the output.


The shaft of plastic crusher is the core part. Once the shaft is broken, the crusher will broken directly. Yurefon machinery use the 45# steel and alloy stell to make the shaft, that can ensure the plastic crusher’s shaft with hardness and tenacity, so that the Yurefon crusher stronge enough. And Yurefon with the skillful engineer and workers, that can ensure the welding and assemble with reliable situation.


For the blade material there are different too, mainly there are three type material: 9CrSi, SKD11 and DC53.

The 9CrSi is the cheap type, but this material blade have short service life.

SKD11 is Yurefon mainly used material blade, this type with good property and long service life, the price and the quality is very suit for plastic crusher.

DC53 is the best material in those three type blade material, but the price is highest too, so Yurefon machinery will according to the material and customer’s require to suggest this material blade.

Yurefon plastic crusher machine